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Hi, my name is Tressa Hauser and I have been blessed with the role of Chaplain here at Kenilworth State Community College. KSCC has had the services of a Chaplain for approximately 8 years.  I have had the pleasure of being here for the last 18 months. 
Chaplaincy in Kenilworth is funded by the Federal Government 2 days per week.  A Chaplain is a safe person for children to connect with at school.   They provide a listening ear, caring presence and a message of hope.  In lunch breaks (with help from volunteers) I run bike programs, table tennis and other activities.  Chaplaincy provides breakfast one morning a week to help foster relationships between the students and I play a part in the school Leadership Program.  I have previously helped organise ‘Family Movie Night’ and ‘Family Bike Day’ and look forward to hosting more events in the future.
Chaplaincy is a partnership between the School, the Chaplain, the community, churches, businesses, organisations and volunteers.  A very important part to Chaplaincy is the Local Chaplaincy Committee that supports the Chaplain via events such as fundraising and voluntary support.  The committee meets monthly. Please look for dates and venues of the meetings in our school newsletter and everyone is welcome to attend.
I have a belief that ‘Education’ is not just about reading and writing, it is about the ‘whole’ child.  A healthy, happy child that feels included in their environment will find it easier to come to a school where they feel safe.  This in turn should help them along the path to their learning.
Chappy Tressa