Kenilworth State Community College implements the Australian Curriculum. We provide quality learning experiences in all Key Learning Areas:

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Science

  • Humanities and Social Sciences

  • The Arts

  • Health and Physical Education

  • Technology

  • LOTE (Japanese)

Our Early Years Curriculum also aligns with the Early Years Curriculum Guidelines which covers the Key Learning Areas through the domains of:

  • Social and Personal Learning

  • Health and Physical Learning

  • Language Learning and Communication

  • Early Mathematical Understandings

  • Active Learning Processes

The school has an attractive and well equipped library which all children use. All children are able to borrow from the library each week. Children are asked to use their Green Note Folder to protect borrowed books. Classes visit the library each week and it is open Monday at the first lunch break, when children can also return and borrow books. 

hildren in P-2 may borrow one book at a time for a period of 2 weeks. Children in Years 3-6 may borrow 2 books for a period of 2 weeks. We encourage parents to share the reading with their child to promote an enjoyment of books for pleasure and information. Library day is Thursday for Yr2-3 and Friday for Prep/1 and Yr4/5/6.

Physical Education
All students have a weekly PE lesson taken by a specialist PE teacher. This program teaches skills through activities and games and is supported by community groups.

Our school participates in the Small Schools Carnivals for Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics and Ball Games. We also combine with other small schools in a fun competition in a variety of sports throughout the year. Students in Years 3 to 6 participate in these carnivals. 

To assist the school, we sometimes ask parents to assist in transporting students to venues for different sporting events.

Swimming instruction is part of our Physical Education curriculum and all students are expected to participate in swimming lessons in Terms 1 and 4. If your child is unwell, please write a note to the teacher to explain the reasons for non participation. 

When participating in swimming lessons, all students are required to wear a swim shirt (rashie) for sun protection during swimming lessons. Students are encouraged to use sunscreen, which is available when they attend their swimming lesson.

Classroom Music
All students are involved in the class music program which is taught by our specialist music teacher on Thursdays. Singing, listening, playing, creating, reading and writing music activities reinforce sequential skill development. Children learn musical concepts such as beat, rhythm and melody as well as performing skills and appreciation of music.

Instrumental Music
The school has an Instrumental Music program that is offered to all students from Year 4 onwards. Instrumental music is held on Mondays. If you are interested in your child participating please inquire at the office for details. Participants are required to attend all lessons. The school has instruments which are available for the students to hire. The school charges a levy for instrumental music to cover the costs of servicing and repairing instruments.

Learning Support and Students With Disabilities
The School has access to a variety of support services for students requiring support and extension. Support is provided through our Support Teacher Literacy and Numeracy (STLaN), Guidance Officer, Speech Pathologist and various Advisory Visiting Teachers. Involvement with these support personnel follows consultation with parents. More information is provided in the Student Support section in General Information.

Last reviewed 25 May 2020
Last updated 25 May 2020